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Wodonga, Victoria - 17 Mar, 2017
  • Rebar Detailing Services Wodonga - SiliconInfo
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In Construction Industry, Rebar is a tensioning device which holds reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures in compression. Rebar detailing is the procedure to convert a structural engineering diagram into detailed set of construction drawings. Rebar Detailing shows the precise placement of the reinforcing steel bars, the parts required to support bars during construction, the fabrication of those bars and the construction cycle.

Rebar Detailing Services are inclusive of following details:

Rebar overlap detail
Connection Details
Rebar hook detail
Rebar for sloped wall detail
Detailing of rebar sizes, dimensions
Bar bending schedules
Parapet wall rebar detail
Rebar placement details
Rebar tie details
Corner rebar details
Rebar estimation

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