Tensile Membrane Structures at Street Umbrellas Australia

Sydney, New South Wales - 25 Jan, 2018
  • Tensile Membrane Structures at Street Umbrellas Australia
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Tensile Fabric Structures are an innovative way to make display booths stand out at trade shows. They can be used either as signage or as structural aspects of a booth. They also make exhibit booths easier to find, especially when the fabric is suspended above an exhibit. And because tension fabric elements can be reused, they are a cost effective way to personalize exhibit rentals. Structures or elements made from tension fabric add elegance to exhibit displays, but they are surprisingly easy to install. And because they are composed of fabric and a lightweight frame, they are easy to store and take up very little space.

Street Umbrellas Australia’s Tensile Membrane Structures provide virtually unlimited designs of distinctive elegant forms that can be realized because of the unique flexible characteristics of membrane, resulting in an iconic and unique structure or feature for any building owner, city or even region.

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