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Secured A Convenient Pet Hospital At Turramurra Vet

Sydney, New South WalesShow Map - 04 Jun, 2018


As you establish a relationship with a doctor for humans, it is also important to find the right vet hospital in the North Turramura area for your pet too.
Gordon Vet Hospital at Turramurra Vet have been serving the area for over 40 years, and we have incorporated a number of ways to help you and your pet quickly and efficiently. We offer you a long opening hours, flexibility and convenience, open every day of the year and many more.

Each pet is unique, and they all have their own health concerns. For more information about our service call us at 029483000 or visit our website http://gordonvet.com.au/turramurra-vet/ for more.


Sydney, New South Wales

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