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Get Top-Quality CD Duplication, Replication and Printing Services at FATS Digital

Sydney, New South Wales - 07 Dec, 2018


If you have a bunch of CDs to duplicate or replicate and you don’t have enough time, then we are here to help. At FATS Digital, we are dedicated to providing you the comprehensive CD duplication, replication, and disc printing services at competitive prices.

All of the work related to CD duplication, replication, and printing is done in-house by our team of highly experienced professionals. In addition, we design and manufacture the paper and specialty packaging components associated with your CDs. We also offer packaging, distribution and fulfillment services. Our professionals are well-versed with the methodologies to help you produce the most challenging project.

Furthermore, we even offer a comprehensive range of CD business cards in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your artwork and design, CDs are available in 8cm round, rectangular or any customized shape. We have a clean-room facility and adhere to a rigorous maintenance program, ensure you get the high-quality CD products that are price worthy.

Looking for a reliable portal that can provide top-quality CD duplication and packaging can be stressful. If you’re a business owner and have a pile of CDs to duplicate, then Contact us at 02 9417 8666 and get the best assistance you’ve always wished for.

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