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Get Amico To Install The Best Garden Irrigation System You’ve Ever Seen!

Sydney, New South Wales - 22 Apr, 2020


If you are looking to save yourself the time spent watering your lawn or garden, Amico can help.

Amico are big supporters of garden and lawn irrigation as we understand the benefits that can be derived from them. Garden and lawn maintenance can be time-consuming and a long road to to come back from if your plants die off. We’re here to help you avoid that unfortunate situation, and a home garden irrigation system is a great way to do this.

Amico knows that an irrigation system is up there with our other services when it comes to great garden and lawn care. We can ensure your lawn and garden receives the correct amount of water during the right time of day.

Our qualified gardeners can handle the whole situation for you, from recommending the type and set-up of the system to its actual installation. We’ll handle it all, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Simply contact us today for a competitive quote, and we’ll have a system in place that will keep your garden or lawn healthy in no time. Contact Amico today at 1300 427 336 and visit https://amico.com.au/garden-lawn-irrigation/ for more information and services you should know.

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