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Eye-Catching Promotional USBs - Duplication, Printing and Packaging

Sydney, New South Wales - 04 Jul, 2019


Promotional USBs are the best way to win the brownie points when you are looking for your brand promotion to potential customers. FATS Digital offers a comprehensive range of unique eye-catching promotional USBs moulded into virtually any customised shape and colour, to perfectly reflect your brand. There is virtually no limit to the style of USB they can create to set your business apart.

They print and duplicate thousands of USBs each day using 6 colour digital UV technology which provides exceptional print durability, extremely fast production turnarounds and good economy for small or large manufacturing volumes.

They offer digital services throughout Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Contact a representative at (02) 9417 8666 ​or visit our nearest office to book a demonstration.

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