Essential Physiotherapy That Will Boost Your Recovery

Sydney, New South Wales - 28 May, 2019


Are you suffering from the pain of your foot or ankle injury? Take it seriously. Entrust your treatment with the ModPod Podiatry –the foot and ankle specialist.

ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy, is a multidisciplinary clinic with a special interest in foot and ankle injuries. Our Physiotherapy has unique approach that combine the key elements of podiatry and Physiotherapy into your treatment plan. We believe in the opportunity to strengthen and train movement patterns to return your foot and ankle back to full capacity without relying on footwear or orthotic support.

We understand that when you’re injured or in pain you want to return to sports and work quickly free of pain, through our Physiotherapy, we will help you achieve this. You can enhance your full recovery in no time.

Find out more by visiting our website http://www.modpodphysio.com.au/physiotherapy/ or call (02) 9134 8047.

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