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Which Type of Hot Water System is best for you in Adelaide?

22 Dudley Avenue, Daw Park, Port Pirie, South Australia 5041Show Map - 26 Feb, 2019


A Hot water heater is the second largest segment of household energy use in Adelaide, depending on location. It also causes maximum gas emission from a single Australian home. Further, the data shows that around 48% of the energy which is required for water heating comes from natural gas, 45% from electricity and rest from liquefied petroleum gas and solar. Well, almost half of the Australian population uses electric water heaters giving 80% of hot water greenhouse emissions. Reducing the use of hot water and the renewable energy source is the best way to minimize the environmental impact. If you are in Adelaide you have many choices, but you need to select your system very carefully, in this way you can save a lot of money and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on your lifestyle.

The hot water system in Adelaide is generally storage type and instantaneous. In the storage type when water is stored in a tank it remains hot and ready all the time. While in Instantaneous systems water is heated only when needed and not stored in the tank. More Details:- https://horncastleplumbing.com.au/hot-water-service-repairs-and-installations-adelaide/


22 Dudley Avenue, Daw Park, Port Pirie, South Australia 5041

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