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What Is a Bain-Marie Ideal for

16 Lanyon St, Melbourne, Victoria 3175Show Map - 22 Jun, 2022


These appliances are usually used for open food displays, especially at buffets and dinners. Chafing dishes are usually much more affordable, convenient and easier to use in comparison to bain maries, however they can’t be used for cooking food or meals, only maintaining temperature and heat. All chafing dishes feature a frame, water pan and a cover/lid and are basic - so there needs to be a consideration whether an investment in a chafing dish is worth the expense.

At Leading Catering Equipment we sell a huge variety of bain maries, chafing dishes, accessories and bain marie parts. Our appliances come in a range of sizes with a unique set of functions and abilities. Browse our bain marie selection to see some of the best catering equipment available.


16 Lanyon St, Melbourne, Victoria 3175

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