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Relax physically and mentally with our bowen therapy treatment

2/7 Daffodil Road , Boronia, Melbourne, Victoria 3155Show Map - 08 Feb, 2021


We always feel that we never feel tired even after doing good hard work. It is not always the case where our mind guides us or instructs us of being tried. However, in reality, our body does feel tired and the signs are not always visible. In many instances, the signs start to show up at the end which is a dangerous stage. Our bowen therapy treatment helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated by working on your pain muscles and stress. To know more about our bowen therapy treatment, visit https://www.boroniabowentherapy.com.au/service/bowen-therapy/ or call us at 0432 625 061.


2/7 Daffodil Road , Boronia, Melbourne, Victoria 3155

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