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Commercial Benchtop Oven

16 Lanyon St, Melbourne, Victoria 3175Show Map - 07 Jun, 2022
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Commercial microwave ovens act the same way as your regular models but are much more suited to commercial kitchens and require only a simple press of a button for that quick cook! Convection ovens will cook your food evenly with circulating air, while our combi steam ovens add huge quantities of ingredients and uncooked dishes to the interior. These heavy-duty units are generally built in larger models for your large-scale commercial kitchen serving numerous patrons at once, or for businesses, like bakeries, blowing up dough and bread for the next business day. Pizzerias should consider Leading’s line up of heavy-duty pizza ovens and pizza deck ovens, which involve a cook and hold process, like our high-quality combi ovens. You can also find great restaurant equipment accessories to aid you when cooking with these flawless machines.

Order here for more: https://leadingcatering.com.au/catering-equipment/cooking-equipment/oven.html


16 Lanyon St, Melbourne, Victoria 3175

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