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Australia is Going Single-Use Plastic-Free!

2255 Point Nepean Rd, Rye VIC , Melbourne, Victoria 3941 - 13 May, 2022


Did you know that Australia is phasing out single-use plastics? It’s great news for the environment and eco-friendly consumers, but what does it really mean for Aussies? What is single-use plastic? And are sustainable coconut bowls, eco straws, and bamboo cutlery viable alternatives? If you are looking for alternatives to single-use plastic for home, work, or your business, then we can help! Our bamboo cutlery, eco straws, and sustainable coconut bowls are all 100% biodegradable, food safe, and eco-friendly – and they’re reusable too. Contact Life of Coco today and help make the world a more sustainable, healthy, and happy place.

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