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Transport, Trade and Mining Uniforms | Total Uniform Solutions

Brisbane, Queensland - 27 Apr, 2018
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  • Transport, Trade and Mining Uniforms | Total Uniform Solutions


At Total Uniform Solutions our transport, trade and mining clients have diverse uniform requirements, and we can comfortably cater to these including employee identification, safety, performance, high-tech body cooling and warming fabrics. Our range offers high functionality, visibility, strength and durability, comfort combined with technical fabrics that meet all safety and performance standards. When it comes to mining uniforms, we understand the safety compliance aspects and can advise on the best options for your workforce. Other important factors are day/night visibility, strength, breathability, knee protection, waterproof fabrics, washing and drying durability and sun protection. Total Uniform Solutions specialise in providing apparel to businesses with 15–1000+ staff. Visit us here: https://www.uniform.com.au/transport-trade-mining

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