Mycare - The Rising Hub Of Medical Tourism In India

Brisbane, Queensland - 10 Nov, 2020


Medical Industry in India has been evolved over the last 10 years, the quality of the medical facility has enhanced in terms of treatment and cost of the overall expenses that has accelerated the market of medical tourism in India, due to these reasons people from all around the world who’s seeking affordable and elite healthcare environment are seeing India as a medical hub. In 2015 the value of the Indian tourism market was estimated to be $3 billion and expected to reach $7-8 billion in the year 2020. After the pandemic, online doctor consultation has become new normal which motivates companies to develop healthcare apps.

How MyCare Helps to Grow Medical Tourism in India?

MyCare is an app that connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Not only patients can connect with their doctors - they can connect with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories as well. MyCare provides 3- way video consulting facility - with 3-way video calling patients can connect with specialist doctors and can keeping their local doctors on call too. Hospitals and Doctors can bring their care to more patients and get paid without the extra overhead. Patients have access to their pharmacies and laboratories at any time anywhere. Patients have access to all of their medical data- all through their MyCare app. The future is here: simple and seamless healthcare'

Benefits of MyCare

With enhanced features such as home delivery of medical reports & medicines and secure digital storage of medical records of a patient, MyCare will be upgrading the way doctors and patients interact. MyCare still has a lot of inventions to implement in the medical industry, it can become a backbone for the instant healthcare system. The benefits are vast. All in all, it is safe to say that the future of healthcare is MyCare. Visit our MyCare Website to know more about us.
Contact Us :
Email - info@mycareindia.co.in
Call us - +91-79-4004-9459
Website - https://www.mycareindia.co.in/

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