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Agent for DHL UPS FEDEX TNT from China to wordwide,Specially export sensitive goods

Ballarat, Victoria - 01 Aug, 2019


Guangzhou JF EXPRESS co.,LTD specializes in DHL TNT FEDEX, UPS, ARAMEX and other international express lines. Our company has more than 10 years of export experience, familiar with the international express delivery requirements, transit time, proper packaging, and understanding of customs clearance in various countries and do the required documents, professionally export all kinds of sensitive goods, such as products with batteries, food, imitation goods, paste items, comestics, tea and other goods.
We specialize in the collection of Taobao and 1688 goods. There are special people responsible for registering the package. We will establish a WeChat group or QQ group with you. If we receive your package and find an abnormality, notify you in time, you can communicate with the seller in time. , do a good job of replenishment and return work.
The following are some of the requirements for the international express company, that is for reference when you buy the goods for the super long and oversized pieces of goods worth buying in China
First determine the "charged weight", the weight is based on the "actual weight" and "volume weight" after comparison, the bigger is the weight of the charge (calculated by this)
Volume Weight: Length X Width X Height / 5000 = Volume Weight (in centimeters)
The actual weight means that after the goods are packed, the goods are placed on the scale and the actual weight is weighed.
In addition to the UPS is the comparison of each box, and then add and compare, the other courier is the sum of all the boxes, then compare the weight,
1. If the length of one side is greater than or equal to 120CM or the weight of a single piece is greater than or equal to 70KG, you need to add RMB900/piece +RMB900* fuel/piece for the shippment, such as 12% fuel for the month, this surcharge is 900*(1+12%) =RMB1008
Additional procedures service fee: UPS additional handling fee is RMB 40 per piece. When the customer consigns any of the following packages, UPS will charge the customer a surcharge for each package (1, any packaging in metal or wooden consignment) Object of the container; any cylindrical object that has not been wrapped in corrugated paper, such as drums, buckets or tires; any length of the longest side is equal to or longer than 122CM or the length of the second longest side is equal to or exceeds 76CM parcel; any single piece of cargo weight equal to or greater than 32 kg (charged weight).
One or more pieces of single-ticket shipments have a real weight of over 68 kg (inclusive), one or more pieces of unilateral length exceeding 120 CM (inclusive), and a non-standard cargo surcharge of RMB 161 is required with Fuel surcharge, only one charge per shippment
Do not accept oversized items, the weight of a single piece of goods can not be ≥ 68KG, the longest side can not be ≥ 274CM, (1 length + 2 width + 2 height) must not ≥ 320CM
   After you pay us, We can pay for you on Taobao or 1688 website.
The following is our operational process:
1, ask us for a customer code and a doc which help you list courier no and goods details
2, at your Taobao receiving address, write the delivery address and customer code of our warehouse

ATTN:customer code +邹锦源
Mob: 13682223071
Tel: 020-26271079
Post code: 510440
After buying the goods, send the documents back to us, and we will pack them, weigh them, and we can arrange the delivery after payment.
If you have something to send from China, please contact us for a price and we will answer your questions enthusiastically.

Chris zou
MOB: 0086-13710435617
TEL:0086-20-26271079 Wechat:chriszou888 WhatsApp:+8613710435617 Email:chris@jf-express.com
chriszou888@126.com Skype:happyshoppingagent
ADD: 1/F,NO 32, Xi peng ling Lu, Hebian ,Helong street,Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Chin

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